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I'm moving over to dreamwidth at Dodont.
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Aaaaaaaand I'm viciously sick the night before finals. I'm effectively allergic to food now. And yet also obese. Thanks, body, you utter rubbish heap.
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The most exciting thing that has happened lately is that the head of my department gave me the go-ahead to do an individual research project for credit on the moths at the college's farm and experimental forest campus. MOOOOTHS.
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I've been looking at ecology/conservation internships and jobs, and house prices to get an idea of what it's like to live in these places. In the UK living in the middle of nowhere means a couple of hours on transit to the nearest town. Here, remote is something else. A day's drive, perhaps. No trains, no buses. It's extremely intimidating. So of course I'm having a "what am I doing here???" freak-out. But it'll pass and I'm not going to self-destruct over it. I want a cookie!

Lately I've been feeling a bit better. Company and activity over new year helped. I'm staying in Berkeley and Ben's often out of the house so I have a lot of quiet time. Had a good chat about some stuff in one corner, and a helpful apology in another. I feel optimistic that therapy will help me, and that maybe I won't have to die alone after all. Anyway the world's not ending yet so I'm off to the pub for a not-excessive amount of beer.
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Amazing moth caterpillar (Limacodidae)

Moth caterpillar. Limacodidae. Amazing.
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I love this photostream so much.

Jewel caterpillar

This is a caterpillar. A caterpillar.

Lepidoptera are awesome.
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Also, one to add to the bizarre instruments of injury list:


Ow. :(
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The People's Music Awards is like crack to me. I'm now #3 on the folk/world/jazz/classical charts and #4 on the female solo charts. Thanks to those who voted. :) I've been getting email notifications when someone votes for me, and it fills me with fuzzy warm tribbles. If you still want to vote (apparently 35 votes would put me into #1), there's about 7 hours left on the clock ...
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Things I dog-eared in Cape Cod by Henry David Thoreau )
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Utterly dead, not especially happy, badly need a back massage, not looking forward to tomorrow.

But at least I have new socks.
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O hai here is a song that you may well have heard me playing already. It is called Canny Man and it is a murder ballad and I wrote it a few months ago actually but just got round to recording it.

Also, I don't know if I mentioned that I got bored of OKCupid (just another thing to check if anyone's messaged me and when they do it's really shit dead baby jokes THEY'RE KILLING MY LOVE FOR DEAD BABY JOKES this is a serious problem) so deactivated my profile a little while ago, and then reactivated it yesterday so I could find a wife for Sven. Five minutes in, seen a picture of a dude with his cock out. Classy. There is really nobody worth stalking on there. The end.
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I spam everything.

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Dum diddly um pum pum.

Since I seem to be pimping myself out on all avenues, I put a new song on Facebook.

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I did record a song and it is now on my music page on Facebook, first song on the music player. It is called Life Is Good and is in stereo, woo.
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Helloes. I made a Facebook page for music things. Be my fan so I can pretend I'm popular.

I suppose I'd better try to sleep at some point. So very very jetlagged.


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