Apr. 17th, 2009

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30/07/00 10:14pm:


i'm guessing this will be the first of many entries.

should i make the msot of it?

naaah ...
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I had an appointment yesterday afternoon with my excellent GP.

She said that apparently the orthopaedist I had my horrible appointment with the day before is actually very reputable, and probably knows what he's talking about, but she also said lots of people she's seen have had a lot of success with kneecap surgery and that at 25 a diagnosis of a lifetime of pain is not acceptable and they won't just abandon me, which has boosted my mood considerably. She advised me to seek a second opinion privately, because on the NHS I'd have to go all the way back to the beginning and wait for weeks and weeks, so she gave me the names of a couple of reputable orthopaedists at the local private hospital, said it would probably cost 120ish quid. Which will be well worth it.

So I'm feeling more hopeful now, and more determined. My mum and I have been analysing the orthopaedists' comments and have decided he was probably just covering his ass by not getting my hopes up and ended up completely squashing me because he lacks any social skills whatsoever. I will get better, I am determined. It seems likely that this will be done through extensive physio more than anything, hopefully helped along by the surgery. One thing seems to be for sure, which is that it's going to be a long process, so it's time to fill out those disability forms.

I've also semi-decided that bollocks if I'm going to be trapped in my flat the whole time. My parents will be back in the country for the summer so we've been talking about going on holiday to somewhere by the sea, maybe Sardinia. They can help me with flights and stuff and maybe organise a rental car, and with a short flight it should be okay. I might buy myself a wheelchair for making really getting out and about easier, but only use it for real distances. I can't live like this, though, that's for certain, even if the alternative is knocking myself out.

I am probably going to be a really irritable cow for the foreseeable future.


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