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Easy GP appointment today, with new person who is actually not new but who I hadn't seen in some time because the old one seemed to be more familiar with my situation but then turned out to be crap which is why I'm back with the new one, if that makes sense.

I've now got some stronger painkillers (Tramadol) to take as well as the regulars for a couple of weeks (just that, then weaned off before I get addicted) to take before bedtime, so hopefully I'll have more luck sleeping. I took one this morning and it seemed to help with exercises and general pain (less like I'm being constantly whacked in the funnybone with a mell), and I'm going to take one before physio tomorrow in anticipation of poking and prodding.

And he offered to renew the medical certificates without me having to plead for it, which is a lot better than the old GP with her humfing and complaining that she's not supposed to give sick people medical certificates when the DWP wave their magic wand to declare them fit for work.

Stitches come out on Wednesday. Changed the mepore again today and it still looks clean, the one bruise is already clearing up, swelling's down a bit (can just about make out where the kneecap is). Maybe physio will tell me to start swimming again, that would be exciting. I expect she'll give me a whole bunch more exercises to do, anyway.

Also found a good, cheap taxi company that uses regular cars. No more black cabs, thank feck.


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