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OK. Time to collect thoughts on stats (exciting).

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Advise me! What should the title of my dissertation be? At the moment I am thinking:

"The effect of diversity and abundance of mycorrhizal fungi on drought resistance in maize and barley"

But I'm also talking quite a lot about how this relates to agriculture in the Niger Delta floodplains specifically and making management suggestions so I want to tag something about that on the end, like ".. and subsequent concerns for agriculture/agricultural management suggestions/suggestions for land use policy/something else in the Niger Delta floodplains".

Ideas? Agh!

Now I also really want to write a paper called "The effect of the zionist conspiracy on the homosexual agenda." I bet the American Family Association would print it. :)
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Waaaaaa science is poo*.

Today the lab technicians took pity on me and told me to have a coffee break and fed me an alpen bar. I came *so* close to finishing everything today, but I have to go in again tomorrow to look at slides. I am cutting it very fine indeed. But I am now going to do as much of the stats as I can and write that up. Whilst watching John Tucker Must Die and drinking beer and maybe having a hot dog and chips. I cannot wait for this week to be over.

So very tired.

* Not really**. Trying to write a dissertation where part of your experiment involves a hilariously time-consuming staining procedure that in the end still isn't finished two days before the hand in date is a leeedle bit stressful.

** Except for faecology, that is poo.
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5,028 words, 17 pages. Second cake is achieved (the first was delicious, by the way).

I am the best isn't it.
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2,545 words, suckahhzz! (= 10 pages at TNR sz10, 1.5 spacing)

Sadly, both Sven and Si are either absent or sleeping (I think) so I have nobody to enjoy cake with. I will just have to plough on and try to get to 5000 words so we have two cakes at once. :>

Oh, and this is out of an absolute minimum of 8,500 words, up to 10,000.


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