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Ma: "Os, how does the Reveille go, the one to get you up in the army?"
Dad: "'Drop your cocks and grab your socks!'"

I'm pretty sure that's not how the Reveille goes.
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all my hanjabanja seemed so far away.

Which song was this lyric from?

Get your own lyrics:
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This is my favourite twitter person: norfolkmoths. Daily quiz to guess the Norfolk moth! Brilliant. I'm fairly sure today's is a Rosy Rustic.

Also! Baby bilbies land in their floppy spaceship.
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Things I dog-eared in 1984.

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FURIOUS fatcat taxpayer money bonus and angry meltdown shame greed, it emerged today.
"Winter so cold time. No soup. Me go all blue. Then what?"
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Why am I watching He's Just Not Into You? Why? I am less than 15 mins in, and it is giving me heartburn. Luckily, I have never known people to actually behave like this.
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My mum left and I was feeling very sorry for myself (especially not being able to go to the airport with her), so I just went back to sleep.

And I just dreamt the most amazing, epic and funny story, from beginning to end! Although, I dreamt it as a movie starring a young Demi Moore and Robert Redford. I've been writing it all down so I remember. Just what I needed, when everything else seems totally unbearable.

I might even have the energy to make myself some breakfast. I am so dreading having to look after myself. I need all this pain to be gone or at least lessened significantly SUPERFAST or I am going to go truly batshit.
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I feel fucking awful in oh so many delightful ways. So tired of everything being wrong.
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Least helpful appointment ever. Apparently, not only is my knee perfect and nothing wrong with me, but apparently I wasn't in any pain before the surgery either. The end, go home, follow-up in January.

Yeah, I'm not going to put up with this for much longer.
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Consensus from physio yesterday and nurse this morning is that I need to work on the inflammation or I'll get fluid in my knee and it's inhibiting muscles and making circulation fail, bad. Not sure what more I can do because I ice and elevate lots and take maximum ibuprofen strong power good and fancy herbal anti-inflammatories but don't think I can do more ice/elevation bceause I also don't want a blood clot thank you no. TRICKSY.

I had my stitches out this morning, which was annoying because swollen so lots of yanking and nicking with the little slicy contraption, and blotting too hard on bruises so hurting more now. Student nurse was present for comedy relief. Tomorrow Mepore comes off and I am free and breezy from now on. Maybe exercises will be easier. Nurse told me to come back if the wounds hurt, but surely they are bound to hurt? Why is it bad? And what level and form of pain constitutes 'hurt'? There are many. I suppose if it gets worse I will call.

Also I am sleeping sinfully badly, so I must now try.

This is awfully tedious.
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Easy GP appointment today, with new person who is actually not new but who I hadn't seen in some time because the old one seemed to be more familiar with my situation but then turned out to be crap which is why I'm back with the new one, if that makes sense.

I've now got some stronger painkillers (Tramadol) to take as well as the regulars for a couple of weeks (just that, then weaned off before I get addicted) to take before bedtime, so hopefully I'll have more luck sleeping. I took one this morning and it seemed to help with exercises and general pain (less like I'm being constantly whacked in the funnybone with a mell), and I'm going to take one before physio tomorrow in anticipation of poking and prodding.

And he offered to renew the medical certificates without me having to plead for it, which is a lot better than the old GP with her humfing and complaining that she's not supposed to give sick people medical certificates when the DWP wave their magic wand to declare them fit for work.

Stitches come out on Wednesday. Changed the mepore again today and it still looks clean, the one bruise is already clearing up, swelling's down a bit (can just about make out where the kneecap is). Maybe physio will tell me to start swimming again, that would be exciting. I expect she'll give me a whole bunch more exercises to do, anyway.

Also found a good, cheap taxi company that uses regular cars. No more black cabs, thank feck.
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Urgh, I am having a painful day, and I feel a bit ill (fuzzy head, sore throat). Changed the mepore today and the stitches still look clean, which is good. There's a bit more bruising than 2 days ago, but nothing too major. Still very swollen, walking and exercises are very difficult.

I have physio on Tuesday, and I'll try to get to a GP on Monday morning and see about stronger painkillers and maybe anti-inflammatories. At the moment I'm not able to do all of my exercises and stay mobile, and that's a problem.

My parents have been cooking and looking after me, which is very good. They are cooking healthy things for me, which makes a most welcome change from frozen shite and is no doubt super good for me.

Not long now.


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